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Welche Nachrichten Leser in der chinesischen Medienwelt finden
What readers find throughout China's media

October 2006



Human punching bags meet timid response (Qilu evening News)
A company in Shandong Province offer female customers a chance to vent their anger by beating “human sandbags” - flesh-and-blood men who act as punching bags.
Yet customers have turned a cold shoulder to the business, which has been open for three months. The majority of women calling the company to inquire about the business expressed that the service seemed too violent for them.

Students turn to Internet for homework help (Shanghai Evening News)
Many students are seeking the correct answers to their summer vacation assignments via the internet. On baidu.com.cn there are 1000-plus messages entitled “The answer for summer vacation assignment.” Some students even offered to pay for answers.
According to educational psychologists, if the students merely copy answers from a website, then such a website needs to be blocked. But if they are discussing how to solve a certain questions or seeking background information for their essays, then parents and tachers should encourage them.

Daughter goes mad about chocolate
(Southern Metropolis News)
A 12-year-old girl suddenly screamed and bit her own hands when her mother refused to give her chocolate in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, attracting many curious passengers. The mother had to explain to airport stuff and many viewers that her daughter contracted intermittent mania and would become ill after her request was refused.
The mother had originally refused to provide any chocolate because of her daughter’s allergic skin. But to calm her down she had to buy some chocolates from a nearby duty free store.

Macao: Move over, Vegas
Macao is expected to replace the United State’s Las Vegas as the biggest casino spot in the world by year’s end.
macao earned more than US$ 3,1 bn from its gambling industry in the first half of the year 2006, compared with the US$ 3,3 bn Las Vegas earned during the same period last year, statistics from Macao’s Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau revealed.
And at least six new casinos will be put into service in Macao, bringing more than 2000 gambling tables in the next 21 months and helping push the region ahead of Las Vegas.
More than 18,7 million people visited Macao’s casinos last year.

Husband hires wife as housekeeper
(Changchun Evening News)
A young wife from Changchun of Jilin Province signed an agreement with her husband on housekeeping in which she quit her job to be a full-time housewife and was paid 1500 Yuan each month by her husband as her salary.
She can also get bonuses from her husband for good work. In this way she believed she can spend more time taking care of her 2-year-old baby while maintaining her economic status in the family.

Mother persuades student to return ill-gotten funds
A mother successfully persuaded her son, a college student in Wuhan of Hubei Province, who withdrew 2000 Yuan from a bank using a stranger’s banknote, to return the money to its owner.
The 22 years ols Xiao Liang had gone to a bank near his college to withdraw money and saw another card still in the ATM. He withdrew money from the card belonging to the woman that had queued ahead of him.
After he went home, his mother saw his anxiety and inquired him what happened. Xiao Liang told the truth. Under his mother’s instruction, he called local media the next day for help in finding the card’s owner.

Sly police nab elderly tricycle thieves
Police caught two 60-year-old women trying to steal a tricycle in Zhengzhou of henna province. The two women got off the tricycle they rode and lingered by another tricycle parking in front of a shop.
Their behaviour aroused attention from three policemen in a nearby office. Two of the policemen pretended to lock the door and leave, while another remained in the office watching the two women.
Seeing the policemen leave, the women chopped the chain that locked the tricycle and one of them tried to ride it away while another rode off on their original tricycle. The policemen inside the office immediately called his colleagues, who had hidden themselves nearby.
The two women were being held at the police office for further investigation.

Student girl gets surgery as college gift
(Chongqing Business News)
A high school girl from Chongqing was overjoyed when her parents allowed her to have plastic surgery as a special gift for her college enrolment.
One of her dreams is to receive a double eyelid through surgery. but she dared not discuss the idea with her parents because of their conservative views on the matter.
Seeding her enrolment notification, the parents said that they would pay for her to have the surgery as a way to raise her self-confidence.


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